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Remineralization 101

One of the things that your Eagle Rock dentist might tell you a lot is to rush and floss. Why would you do that though? Well, to prevent cavities. But actually, cavities are a nutrition rather than a hygiene problem. Of course, scraping away the bacteria is great, but actually your diet is a bigger part of this than that. Your diet is a big reason why you might have cavities, and if you’re the type that is struggling with this, it might be because of what you eat. You actually can control what you have by looking at your diet, and here is why.

Now, can you reverse a cavity. Some actually think that your teeth are hard, but actually, they’re like sponges, soft with things going in and out. Teeth can gain and lose minerals. When you gain minerals faster than you lose minerals, you actually can fight decay and stay in a healthy manner. If you demineralize faster than remineralize, then you’re doing the opposite. That will create decay. There are foods that cause decay and foods that protect against it. when you brush and floss, you’re actually helping to prevent tartar buildup, but not actually helping with cavity prevention, which is why if you’ve got cavities, consider what you’re eating to be a culprit more than anything.

Now, you might wonder how in the world this actually works. For starters, let’s take a food that helps to remineralize. Cheese is one of the best ones, and it actually contains the vitamins that will help nourish teeth from the inside, helping with remineralization. However, most of our diets don’t contain these foods, but instead, they’re processed and high glycemic, which actually causes demineralization and hurts the tooth’s ability to remineralize. Some of the foods that cause demineralization are as follows: saltine crackers, oatmeal and cereals, all processed foods, really anything with sugar in it including yogurt, breads of any kind, and anything high on the glycemic index.

Now for the latter, you’ve got those that actually cause remineralization, and you should look at your diet and try to have more of these. Some of these are as follows: unprocessed cheese and butter, various eggs, natto, meats and poultry that are grass-fed, dark, leafy greens such as spinach and Swiss chard, any fish that are wild-caught, celery, apples, avocado, and even green and white tea. If you’re looking to help prevent tooth decay, this is what you should be having more of.

Now for many people, they think that the Eagle Rock dentist will prevent cavities. However, often, many times the dentist will scrape away this tartar and plaque, and then it pops right back up. However, the biggest reason for this isn’t because of the fact that they don’t brush their teeth, but it’s about what you eat, and that is actually the real issue that causes the buildup of plaque, and cavities in the first place. Eating the right foods will strengthen a tooth so that they get better at remineralizing, and it will also give you the minerals that you lost, and help strengthen them as well. Some diets cause more plaque than others, and it’s more than just sugary foods. There are certain foods, some of them not being sugar, that actually promote the wrong bacteria in the mouth. Often, if remineralization is overwhelmed, this causes problems too, so you want to get a balance there. Often, you have to figure out what you’re eating wrongly, and start to get rid of it.

You can have these foods, these sugary ones, from time to time. But, what you want to do is to create a balance. Have more of the remineralizing foods, and not just the ones that will demineralize. It’s as simple as that, and often, many people tend to make it much harder than it is. If you start to have trouble with this, do consult your Eagle Rock dentist for more help. You’ll be able to get the help that you do need to help keep your teeth healthy, and not only that, they’ll tell you of what you should be having in order to prevent cavities in your mouth too.

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